Browns will carry over $30.4 million in salary cap space; cap will be at least $180 million

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Browns received two pieces of good news on Thursday if they’re looking to spend big in free agency this offseason.

First, the league, in conjunction with the NFLPA, agreed to increase the minimum for this year’s salary cap from $175 million to $180 million. The $180 million figure is not the final number for the cap — that is yet to be determined — but it is the lowest number they can land on once they do set the cap figure.

More importantly, the Browns will carry over the most cap space of any team, according to a tweet from the NFLPA, at $30.4 million, nearly $4 million more than the second-place Jets at $26.7 million; $7 million more than the third-place Jaguars, carrying over $23.5 million; and almost $8 million more than the Eagles at $22.8 million.

The carryover cap for each team is added to the base salary cap to determine each team’s final cap number.

The Browns rank 10th in cap space at $20.2 million based on a $180 million figure, according to, before adding in carryover cap.

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