Brandon Beane: If we make a trade up, I wouldn’t expect anything big

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After making it to the AFC Championship Game, the Bills own the 30th overall pick in this year’s draft.

That’s usually a prime spot for teams to trade back into the first round, since the franchise effectively gets five years of contractual control on its selected player.

So in an interview with WKBW, Bills G.M. Brandon Beane said while there’s a chance Buffalo could trade up, the club has engaged in more talks of moving back.

“I’ve had conversations with General Managers, even last night and more today on both ends,” Beane said. “Even us, whether it’s taking a slight move up, I wouldn’t expect anything big. But if the right player was there and we thought it was a logical move and [didn’t] have to give up too many assets, you know me, I would definitely do that. But we’ve also had more conversations the other way of, listen, if the board gets cleaned out, we don’t think wet have a lot of value with the 30th pick of the draft, then we would look to trade back and add some assets that we could use on Day 2 and Day 3.”

Buffalo doesn’t have many glaring needs after going 13-3 and winning a pair of playoff games. But Beane previously stated the Bills will be thinking more long-term than short-term with the 30th pick. Being able to flip that selection for more players could fit that vision.

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