Blues get Cardinals pitcher Wainwright according to error on newscast

The St. Louis Blues are certainly excited about the prospect of adding a 6-foot-7, 230-pound teammate.

Now they just have to find out if the new guy, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, can even skate.

Wainwright, who signed a one-year contract to remain with the Cardinals Thursday, had some fun on his Twitter account when a local newscast mistakenly had a chyron that read “Wainwright resigns with Blues” instead of the Cardinals.

Tweet from @UncleCharlie50: 😳👀👀👀😳. This is amazing!!! #LGB 💪🏼😎

The 39-year-old pitcher tweeted out, “This is amazing!!!” with the Blues’ official #LGB hashtag, then posted a video in which he put on a catcher’s mask and a personalized No. 50 Blues jersey, and demonstrated his hockey skills on a slide board.

Tweet from @UncleCharlie50: I’m not necessarily a very good skater, but with a little work…. challenge accepted. @StLouisBlues @Cardinals

“I’m not necessarily a very good skater, but with a little work…. challenge accepted,” he tweeted.

Blues defenseman Colton Parayko saw Wainwright’s presentation and thinks he would fit right in.

“I like it. Big defender,” Parayko said. “I saw the skit. He had the back catcher mask on. Got him in the uniform, get him out there, takes up a lot of the ice. Big, big body out there. Might have to partner up with him and we would just throw our sticks on the ice and hopefully take up a lot of space.”

Wainwright is a big guy and Parayko, who is 6-6, 230 pounds himself, feels the options of where they could plug Uncle Charlie in are debatable.

“That’s a good question,” Parayko said. “I think just for his size and what not, I’ve got to say he’s going to be a good d-man. He takes up a lot of space, he’d be tough to play against. A lot of forwards probably don’t want to get to go to the net against him. I’m going d-man.”

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