Be wary of middlemen offering Covid-19 screening services, says MMA


PETALING JAYA: Employers must be wary of non-healthcare private companies or middlemen offering Covid-19 screening services, says the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA).

Its president Datuk Dr Subramaniam Muniandy said they had been informed that certain middlemen are marketing Covid-19 screening services to employers.

He said that these private businesses had targeted struggling GPs and attempted to squeeze them for the lowest professional fees in order to earn a bigger cut from the employers.

“MMA is deeply concerned that if professional fees are not charged as per the work done, it may not cover the costs of screening and this may lead to the quality of care being compromised.

“We wish to remind GPs of their professional obligations and that they will be held fully responsible for any neglect in their duties as physicians. The MMA takes a serious view of this.

“Employers have already been informed by Socso to contact the GPs directly for the Covid-19 screening services. In fact, it costs less for employers to directly discuss the professional fees with the GPs as there will be no ‘middlemen fee’ included, ” he said in a statement on Friday (Dec 11).

He added that under Socso’s mandatory Covid-19 screening programme for foreign workers, the RTK Antigen kits are provided at no charge to the participating GPs with only professional fees charged to employers.

Dr Subramaniam reminded the public that the RTK-AG swab tests can only be performed by trained healthcare professionals and under strict infectious disease prevention guidelines by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

He said that a person may be at serious risk of injury, health issues or a false negative result if the swab tests are performed incorrectly.


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