Barstool Sports shows support for the NWHL by harassing supporters and trying to cancel the league

Barstool Sports, known for their crass humor and aggressive fans, decided to send their army to the NWHL this week.

Since its founding in 2015, the NWHL has been proud of the mantra “hockey is for everyone” and, for the most part, does its best to be inclusive and accept everyone. Therefore, many players have spoken out against Barstool, which has seen credible allegations of racism and Sexism. Many NHL supporters and employees have also expressed concerns about Barstool CEO Erika Nardini’s interest in the league. Unprovoked, Nardini posted a video on his account with more than 250,000 subscribers, then the speeches of Barstool president Dave Portnoy with over 2.2 million, with screenshots (without muddling the names) of players, employees and supporters of the NWHL expressing their grievances with Barstool.

As any rational adult would guess, it went wrong. Immediately, the people mentioned were inundated with messages and tweets attacking and insulting them, some even sending threats. Hard to claim your fans are supporting the league when they tell NWHL fans to kill each other over 280 characters. These brave gentlemen, known as the “stools,” used all sexist and derogatory terms to attack the NWHL. The few courageous athletes of color who have publicly expressed their concerns have been harassed constantly and violently. Instead of trying to make peace and denounce the racist and sexist messages of their fans, Dave Portnoy posted a video in which he called for the arrest of the players of color who spoke out, because apparently if you don’t don’t like Barstool, that’s slander and libel. (it’s not). Erika Nardini, the resident boss of the high school bully, came forward as a victim of showing only support, when hours later she announced she would start her own league, hoping to cancel the NWHL. Since then, she has continued to milk the NWHL for all it’s worth and making sure to be the wolf-crying victim for as long as possible. Nardini has posted several videos about it, dozens of tweets, and even went so far as to create an account for the “Barstool Women’s Hockey League” and has already published her own product, further proving that Barstool is all about money and not about people.

Erika Nardini has a good ol ‘laugh and enjoys the suffering of several NWHL players, employees and fans. They are always harassed. Barstool fans actively research their tweets and accounts. They call for a boycott of the league and hope it fails. It’s a big joke for them, when there are real people in danger, not feeling safe in their own community, in their own teams. If she really wanted to see the league thrive, she would end this and expose her supporters who harass people.

Hockey isn’t really for everyone. Because fanatics, racists and sexists are not welcome. The NWHL has the potential to be something really great, and they don’t need the help or the money. For now, it’s time for us to listen to the people of color in the league and do our best to support them. Players who have expressed their support for Barstool should realize that their actions are harming their teammates and immediately correct those wrongs. The league must stand by its players of color and must do its best to be as inclusive as it claims to be.

The NWHL does not need, nor should it want, the support of a company with a long history of bigotry and discrimination, and which allows employees to engage in targeted harassment of individuals.

I’ve been a woman on the internet for over a decade, heard it all. Bar stool fans don’t scare me and I don’t care about the opinions of fanatics. But don’t hesitate to rage reading this, it gives me more perspectives and engagement!


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  • According to the source Barstool Sports shows support for the NWHL by harassing supporters and trying to cancel the league
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