Aus vs Ind 4th Test Brisbane – Rohit Sharma on Gabba dismissal


“I like to put the pressure on the bowler once I am in, and that is my role in the team”

Rohit Sharma attracted criticism from pundits and fans alike for the shot he played to be out caught at long-on in the Brisbane Test, but said he didn’t regret it one bit as it was part of the role he was playing for the team. He said it was important in this slow-scoring series for the batsmen to take the initiative and put the pressure back on the bowlers, and that he was just trying to play a shot he has played often – except that on this occasion, Nathan Lyon outsmarted him.

“I was actually trying to pierce the long-on and that deep square-leg fielder [as he did in Sydney too, successfully], but it didn’t connect the way I would have loved to,” Sharma explained. “Pretty simple. It was something I won’t regret. It is something I like to do. I like to put the pressure on the bowler once I am in, and that is my role in the team. To make sure I keep putting that pressure on the bowlers because we have seen throughout the series how run-scoring has been difficult for both the teams.

“So somewhere, someone needs to put his hand up and think about how we can put the pressure back on the bowlers. And while doing that there are chances you will make a mistake, and you should be ready to accept that. I am ready to accept that because it was a plan. It was something that wasn’t beyond our plans. It was something that we always planned. I actually have no regrets playing that shot. It is something I like to do. Just that Nathan Lyon – we all know he is a smart bowler – bowled into me, which made it difficult for me to get some elevation.”

The dismissal sparked severe comment from former cricketers. Sunil Gavaskar on air called it an irresponsible shot, a wicket gifted away. This has been the criticism of Sharma’s batting in the past too, when he has gotten off to starts and then played such an aerial shot seemingly out of nowhere.

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