As it happened Australia vs India, 4th Test, Brisbane, 2nd day

Welcome to our live report of the second day of the Australia-India Test from Brisbane. Join us for updates, analysis and colour. You can find our traditional ball-by-ball commentary here

4.50pm: Play abandoned for the day

The umpires have conducted their second inspection, and found the outfield still too wet for play to resume. Play will begin half an hour early tomorrow, at 9.30am, to make up for the overs lost. Set your alarms as appropriate in your respective timezones, and join us bright and early for day three. We’ll have a full report of today’s play up very soon.

4.25pm: Inspection in progress

The umpires are out in the middle even as the Super Sopper continues sopping. The ground looks fine at surface level, but I’m guessing there’s still some dampness underfoot. We’ll have to wait a little longer for play to resume, with another inspection scheduled for 4.45pm.

3.45pm: The covers are coming off

There will be an inspection at 4.15pm, we hear. If you’re wondering what a rain-affected draw might mean for the World Test Championship standings, here are S Rajesh’s calculations:

India won’t mind a draw. The 10 extra points will mean a 3-0 result v England will be enough for them to stay ahead of NZ. If they lose here, they will need to beat England 4-0. Australia will need to win two Tests vs SA to stay ahead of NZ if this is a draw (assuming they aren’t docked any more points due to over-rate). If they win this, a win and 2 draws in SA will be enough.

3.05pm: It’s raining

And quite heavily at that.

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