Anthony Edwards’ first love was football, and his dominant Pop Warner highlights show why


Much has been made of late about Anthony Edwards’ comments comparing football and basketball. This isn’t a story about those comments, though.

This is a story about what those comments unearthed for the world off of YouTube: Highlights of a 10-year old Edwards, whose nickname is apparently “Ant Man,” dominating his Pop Warner football competition. Edwards told ESPN, “You can do anything on the (football) field. You can spike the ball. You can dance. You can do all type of disrespectful stuff.” 

Some might call the way Edwards embarassed the competition disrespectful enough as it is.

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Anthony Edwards football highlights

In all seriousness, if it didn’t have the fun intro slide and someone told you that was Lamar Jackson as a kid, wouldn’t you believe it? Edwards is even wearing No. 8 and some purple!

Initially, we were going to list a time stamp to click to if you only had time for one highlight. But they’re all so ridiculous, with Edwards looking nearly untackleable and just faster than everyone else.

Edwards told ESPN that if he got drafted into the NFL, he’d leave baskeball. And while it’s a bit of a stretch off of nearly decade-old highlights, he wouldn’t be the first college basketball player turned NFL star

According to SB Nation, Edwards played football first but picked up basketball when he saw his brothers playing and “thought it looked more fun.” Edwards didn’t play on the gridiron in high school, so there aren’t any highlights of him growing into a 6-5 frame as a dual-threat quarterback.

But after watching Edwards’ old football highlights combined with his athleticism on the basketball court, there should actually be NFL teams thinking about calling Edwards’ name in the sixth or seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft. You wouldn’t even have to tank for him. Bo Jackson was a seventh-round pick by the Raiders, and that worked out great. Does Edwards have next on a football field?


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