aarav solutions: Cricket helped Aarav Solutions CEO connect with the Indian community in the US; sport helped him stay positive in the pandemic

Cricket is a religion in India every person irrespective of their social status loves the game. Also for Raj Darji, Founder & CEO, Aarav Solutions, cricket is a passion since he started playing this sport at a very young age.

“During my schooling days, I used to play with my friends. It is a sport which I still continue to follow and play. It has helped me connect with the Indian community in the USA. Coming from a small town with a humble background, I always wanted to work towards giving back to society. A lot of people suffered due to this pandemic especially the poor and underprivileged. My cricket community members and I have engaged in multiple donation and food drives for the poor and underprivileged in the USA. During the pandemic, cricket has helped me stay positive and healthy not only physically but mentally too,” he says.

Lessons learnt
Cricket is not just a game it’s far beyond that. It teaches you a lot of lessons for life and business.

“A cricket team has different people with contrasting personalities and capabilities. A good team captain should know how to bring out the best in each one of them to benefit the whole team. He should take crucial decisions at certain situations and make his whole team understand the same and should take responsibility for the decision, whether good or bad. It is the same in business. Someone who knows his strength and how to use it is a true leader. I always support my team and encourage them to do their best. In life we are our own leaders and need to inspire and encourage ourselves every time we fall down,” Darji shares.

Test is best
He enjoys watching Test matches and the excitement that the World Cup brings about is unparalleled.

“It is a ritual to watch the World Cup for my family. I have always admired MS Dhoni. His grit and determination has been very inspirational to me. He is the greatest wicket-keeper batsman and captain I’ve seen. He started from a small town and built his way up and is still as humble and patient as he was on his first day on the pitch. This reminds me of my roots and that everyone with sheer will power and hard work can achieve anything they want. Dhoni’s consistency in performance is owed to his time management principles and I try to utilise this at work by organising, strategically planning and consistently working on my goals. Everyone wants to be like Captain Cool and it’s for all the right reasons. With right leadership no feat is too big or unachievable,” he shares.

Stress relief

He plays cricket whenever he gets time, which is mostly on weekends and holidays.

“It helps me refresh my mind and stay focused. It keeps me energetic and active in my day to day life. Cricket helps me destress from my busy work life as I keep away from my phone and other gadgets that constantly remind me of work. I feel it’s a good practise to cut off from busy life once in a while to come back with more energy. For me cricket is all about fun rather than competition between two teams and so I do not focus on winning and losing but I enjoy playing it,” Darji says.

He enjoys playing cricket with his friends and people from the Indian community in the USA. “I feel it’s a great way to bond with the Indian community and make new friends. Cricket has helped me connect with my community here and we love sharing anecdotes over the practice matches. The friend’s circle I made out of cricket are closely involved with me in my multiple donation and food drives for the poor and underprivileged. During our matches, we brainstorm on different thoughts and ideas on how to help the poor and downtrodden. Our bond and love over the game of cricket brought me and my friends together as a team. And today, we are not only a team that gathers for some leisure time but we as a team work for a purpose,” he ends.

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