5 principles Nick Sirianni believes will lead to winning football

“Being accountable. Holding each other accountable. My job is to hold everybody accountable,” Sirianni said. “Hold the players accountable for what they do on the field and hold the coaches accountable, but then I also want the coaches and players around to hold me accountable because we’re all in this together. Being accountable is going to be one thing.”

“Being a smart football team – how are we going to know what to do? Knowing what to do takes no talent, right? So, if we can know what to do as far as our assignments, then our talent can shine. And then also being a very smart situational football team. We have good guys in this building that really care and believe in that, being a smart situational football team. That’s going to be a big message of being a smart football team.”

5. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals

“The thing that I’m trying to do now, as we hire a (coaching) staff, is hire great teachers of fundamentals, because here is what I believe: There is a lot of parity in the NFL. This player is really good and this player is really good and this coach called a good play and this coach called a good play and so what gives here? This really good player against this really good player and the coaches worked all night and stayed up all night to make sure they had a good plan, well, what gives? In my opinion, what gives is fundamentals and technique,” Sirianni said. “If I can beat him with fundamentals, that’s my edge.”

Sirianni presents himself with authenticity, a passion for the game, an understanding from the player’s point of view, and, ultimately, the understanding that he’s here to win – and to win big. He is going to call the plays on offense for the first time in his career. Every step along the way is uncharted territory for a first-time head coach.

“I don’t think there is a playbook for it, and that is the common theme as I have reached out to old mentors and people that I trust,” Sirianni said. “There is not a playbook for it. Sometimes, there are things in football – OK, we’re playing a Cover 3 team and they do this with the safety, boom, we have about a five-play inventory and we’re going to get to this, this, and this. I don’t think there’s a playbook for it. I think it’s just going to be a lot about those five things I just talked about, but I think what it comes down to, I know the things that I’m going to be challenged with is going to have to start with the connection that I make with people. It’s a people business … it’s just caring about people and building that relationship with people.

“Even though there’s not a playbook, I think that can be a good start.”

The Nick Sirianni Era begins with those five principles as he puts his Philadelphia Eagles program together.

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