4 jersey numbers should be considered for retirement

Four Clemson football jersey numbers that should be seriously considered for retirement

There have been a number of elite players grace the Clemson football program with their presence, hard-work and successes over the years.

Hundreds of Clemson football players have gone on to play in the NFL and have had successful careers and they all should be honored. However, there is one distinct honor that is for those Tigers who have gone from ‘elite’ to ‘legendary’ status.

In the program’s history, only three Clemson football players have had their jersey number retired: Steve Fuller (4), Banks McFadden (66) and C.J. Spiller (28).

While you can’t just go around retiring numbers for the sake of it, there are some players here in the Dabo Swinney era that certainly deserve consideration, even if it only ended with a patch for future jerseys honoring their accomplishments.

Deshaun Watson (No. 4- for the second time)

Steve Fuller’s number came out of retirement for the first time when Deshaun Watson came to Clemson and that number should be retired, put away and never used again, at least in my opinion.

Fuller is still considered one of the greatest of all-time to ever play at Clemson and Watson is the greatest of all-time, at least in the opinion of most.

Watson was the first quarterback since Homer Jordan to lead Clemson to a National Championship and he took the Tigers to two National Title appearances and won two ACC Championships. He was undefeated against in-state rival South Carolina and took this Clemson football program to a new level that many fans never imagined it could get to.

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