3 Tennis Drills to Hit a Better Forehand

On the court, a solid forehand can help players set up the point in a way that will put them in positiion to dictate play. Just as a powerful serve can start the point on offense, so can a perfectly-executed forehand put a player in position to determine the placement and outcome of each shot on their terms. Everyone has their own, unique forehand style, but there are several essential skills that every player should work on to improve their technique. With IMG Academy’s How-To tennis drill videos, our coaches focus on the proper training needed to become a better tennis player. 

In this video, you will be introduced to three tennis forehand drills. Watch how the student-athlete performs each drill with instruction on stance, body position, and grip, which creates a strong follow-through just after the’ve hit the forehand. Each drill is broken down to provide a full tutorial for tennis players looking to hit a better forehand:

  • Figure 8
  • Figure 8 with Inside and Out Forehand
  • Swinging Forehand

In the Figure 8 Drill, the neutral stance forehand is demonstrated along with how to make good contact with the ball. The next drill, the Figure 8 with Inside and Out Forehand, focuses on exactly that – the inside and out forehand and using proper footwork to cover more ground and get more space between the ball. During the Swinging Forehand Drill, learn how to accelerate the swing for a fast and aggressive shot. 

Ready to show off your skills on the court? Press play below to get started!



IMG Academy Tennis has created a library of tennis training drills that you can refer back to any time! Check out our other News stories as well as our YouTube channel (@imgacademy) for all of our How-To content.

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