3 Outdoor Games You Can Involve Yourself For Your Physical Development

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Overall all outdoor games give you physical strength and conditioning. There are lots of outdoor games. Some are played with or some are individual game. Hockey, cricket, football, basketball, kabbadi, and volleyball are played in the team. Whereas few games are played in singles and doubles, which means one or two players involved. Here we look at three games that will give you physical fitness.


Hockey is India’s National game. Though nowadays hockey has lost popularity it is the best strength game. Hockey is a fast-paced game and there is no relaxing period. You need tremendous speed, strength and agility which makes it a great cardiovascular workout and boost blood circulation. It also helps in reducing your excess body fat. This Outdoor game is best for weight loss in long run. This game also gives you muscular strength. It can reduce the risk of injury, improve bone strength, and increase muscle mass. Hockey makes a player more agile and flexible. It also enhances stamina. Playing hockey is like a full-body workout.


Cricket is played as competition and for fun. This is the best outdoor sport for fitness and stamina. Cricket involves sprinting between wickets, and lots of running in the ground, throwing the ball, bowling etc. This all gives you better fitness. Cricket helps you in the overall development of your body. It helps you in strengthening bones and increase muscle mass. For overall fitness, level cricket is the best outdoor game.


This is considered to be the best outdoor game for fun, fitness and stamina. All over the world, this game is popular. This is the best game to increase your overall fitness level, as lots of non-stop running is involved. This game requires agility, strength and stamina. This game helps you in building healthy bones. Playing football requires eye and foot coordination. It develops fundamental movement skills and improves flexibility.

Overall all the outdoor games give you excellent strength to your body. Your overall physical fitness level and stamina remain high if you play outdoor games.

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