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and its for the GOAT belt …

Khabib vs GSP

@ catchweight of 162.5 lbs.


before you cry about the weight ill just shut that down right now !! its GOAT shit only so we now have the weight of 162.5 which is exactly between the two’s weight class

Second its the only fight people wanna see right now !!

the winner of that could go on and fight Mcgregor for another huge payday blah blah blah

but you’re crazy if you dont think the fans deserve this !!

and ive been a fan ever since Art Jimmersons debut and retirement .. that should say it all !!

Bald Goof please make this happen …if anyone has the powers its you


shout out to Bevon Lewis !!

they shouldn’t treat you like Nick Diaz .. and they shouldn’t of treated Nick Diaz like Nick Diaz either ..
download (1)~2.jpeg

but since you’re on suspension … have fun smoking more weed bro !!


in fact if you wanna crack some dorky one liners or say GSP is too old .. or not GOAT belt worthy feel free to just take one of these now and continue on an post up your BS


dont forget to hit “like” button whether you actually do or not


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