2020 track cutbacks (mostly) continue in 2021

The Daytona Beach News-Journal


Most practice and qualifying is still off the table. Honestly, will you miss it?

KEN’S CALL: If one popular theory regarding 2020 is legit, Kyle Busch will miss it. Watching it at selected tracks (mostly the new venues) might remind me that I actually miss it, but I guess my answer is, “I’m not sure.”

DEAN’S DIRT: No. Absolutely not. No way, Jose. Not at all. Not even in the slightest. How many more ways can I say no?

Given Bristol’s scheduled conversion to dirt for its March race, which other track would you like to cover in clay?

KEN’S CALL: Easy … New Hampshire. If the Bristol race is a huge hit, so to speak, the call will go out for more — that’s the way it always works. But if there’s another, let’s hope it’s a traditional dirt venue like Eldora or the like.

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DEAN’S DIRT: Pocono? I don’t know. I know people like the fuel strategy races, but let’s be honest, Pocono aint exactly edge-of-your-seat TV. Let’s throw some dirt down and see if it sticks. .

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